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The Fountain Project & Art Grant Announcement

FountainWe are pleased to announce that we’ve received an art grant to help produce our next large-scale interactive LED project – codename: The Fountain. Apogaea, Colorado’s Official Regional Burning Man event selected our proposal out of 27 others in the Ludicrous Grant Round.

We are so excited to bring our ideas to life in a big way!

An overview of our project proposal:

The Fountain is a large-scale 360-degree installation that celebrates light, water, audio, and amazing reactivity. The base of the structure consists of metal framing with semi-translucent laser-cut panels between. Within the structure, full-color high-frame rate LED lighting slowly animates and give the base an unearthly glow.

The Fountain

Microphones record the ambience from the environment, and the audio is looped, warped, and played back remixed through a small sound system in The Fountain’s base. Towering above the glowing structure will be bursts of illuminated water, throbbing and pulsing along with the familiar, yet inter-dimensional echoes emanating from the installation.

For more up-to-date details about this ongoing project, please check out our project page:

The Fountain

  1. Raindance Campout 2014
  2. Communikey Festival 2014
  3. Pulse San Francisco 2014
  4. CMKY 10 Year
  5. Pixel Plane, LED tile system
  6. Dallas Aurora