AudioPixel develops custom lighting technology and sound-reactive visual programming.

Event highlights include developing custom lighting software for the Boom Festival in Portugal, several large-scale stages at Burning Man, and joining the legendary producer Tipper to present an exclusive audio-visual tour: The Tipper Sound Experience.

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CMKY 10 Year


CMKY 10 Year Anniversary

In order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our very first party, we are hosting a special gathering.
On Saturday March 1st 2014, we will be setting up shop at the new Apex Movement location in Boulder, playing host to a selection of longtime CMKY residents and one of the most celebrated live hardware acts to come out in recent years.

Featuring: Voices from the Lake, Attentat, Time For Trees, Alala.One, Brandon Brown, Papyrus & M. Demeranville







Photos: Resident Advisor

  1. Pixel Plane, LED tile system
  2. Dallas Aurora
  3. Burning Man 2013: Nexus Stage
  4. Burning Man 2013: Control Tower