Lee Coombs Fantastic Hosts 2012



100% Original – Built and Programmed LED Array with Mac 101 LED Movers.
No Video Clips. No Madrix. No Lighting Consoles.
Check out the video in HD!

Nexus Burning Man 2012

08.27.2012 – 09.03.2012

Running every night, for a full week at Burning man, thousands of people experienced this custom LED stage installation at the prestigious Nexus Funktion-One soundsystem stage.

Nexus Burning Man 2012

Nexus Dome

Bass Invasion 3

09.16.2011 – 09.17.2011



Event Videos:

*Note* Video contains rough recorded live-audio

Temple of Boom – Burning Man

08.29.11 – 09.05.11

AudioPixel collaborated with the Temple of Boom crew at Burning Man to bring a stage of epic proportions to the primetime corner of 10 and Esplanade.

At nearly 50 feet tall, our setup consisted of 7 semi-transparent large panels forming the back wall of the center pillar and 2 pillars on each side. The 18 foot tall center cubic column was built using 3 layers of 3D nodes suspended from a custom lattice that extended 12 feet off the front of the temple. Additional wash lighting was used in conjunction with custom deco made by Spaceshaping.
Custom line arrays by JK sound.

Over 50 artists played on this stage over 6 days. Some highlights include Andy C, EOTO, Freq Nasty, MartyParty and Beats Antique.

Event Videos:

*Note* Videos contain rough recorded live-audio