Current Configurations

All fixtures can be installed and pixelmapped in any orientation – horizontal, vertical, with a 45° tilt forward, a 10° rotation, et al.

Fixtures featuring LED Tiles

(3) 2×8 Hanging LED Panels
57″ by 15″ (145cm by 38cm)

(2) 5×6 ‘UFO’ Hanging LED Panels
54″ by 37″ (137cm by 94cm)


Example layouts that can be arranged with these fixtures:


Additional Loose LED Tiles

We also have 70-100 of these loose 6″x6″ square tiles at any given time that we can retrofit onto any structure or build into a new shape (time permitting).

LED Slices

(10) Slices with Strands
65″ x 39″ (165cm by 99cm)

These strands of 50 RGB LEDs in transparent lightweight aluminum framing can be hung into large mesh walls or combined to form freestanding structures.

Indirect Light

(12) ColorBlast 6 and (4) ColorBlast 12 LED Washes
These high-intensity LED wash fixtures generate rich, saturated colors while outputting over 1200 lumens. These washes are used to light performers, deco structures, or to create a coordinated wash of color on any structure.


  • Two dedicated 20 amp circuits, or equivalent
  • Mounting points that can support 50 – 250lbs, depending on desired configuration

Additional Details

AudioPixel’s standard setups utilize Phillip’s Color Kinetics high performance LED hardware. Each of the individual LEDs reach 64 billion (24-bit) additive RGB colors; with variable brightness controlled with near 0 latency over Ethernet. AudioPixel software is completely custom-built to utilize the full potential of the LED array in 3D space. Our modular and extendable approach makes us capable of much more than traditional lighting and LED rigs. Contact us for more information.