Light and color come alive with music and interactivity

Original programming and 3D pixelmapped effects – custom to your terrain or venue – make this an awesome and awe-inspiring addition to any event.

Installation Information

Our installations are fully outdoor rated and have successful ran through the harshest of Colorado Winters since 2016, operating even while buried in several feet of snow!

  • Outdoor/Indoor rated, Weatherproof
  • Variable size and spread, fully customizable lighting intensity
  • Up to 200′ x 200′, and even larger for custom orders
  • Installed or disassembled in under 24 hours and compact storage

Perfect for your space

With flexible hardware and software solutions, your Lumenscape will be optimized for your location.

  • Downtown Areas / Public Parks
  • Themed Entertainment
  • Botanic Gardens / Zoos / Museums
  • Ticketed Experiences / Popups / Selfie Palaces
  • Arenas / Event Centers / Concert Venues
  • Drive-in / Drive-through / Distanced
  • Private Residences


Lumenscape lighting installations are completely customizeable to your unique location, brand/theme colors, holidays, distancing requirements, and your creative ideas.

  • Live audio-reactive visuals with concert performances (automatic, or with a LD)
  • Motion sensors & social distancing lighting for crowd management
  • Virtual instruments control by website or app
  • Full body sensor-based no-touch interactivity
  • Drive thru / drive-in experience
  • Web / mobile device powered control

Audio-Reactive Software

  • Over a decade in development, specializing in live audio visualizations
  • Highly customizable for both live and pre-set shows
  • Musical instrument interactivity
  • Microphone input audio analysis
  • Huge library of 3D audio visualizations and generative content
  • Synchronization to themed/holiday music
  • Switch between interactive and show modes on a scheduler

Song Demo

Video shows 3D pre-visualization next to live footage.
Recorded at Denver Botanic Gardens, “That is Christmas”.
Animations created entirely with AudioPixel software.

Lumenscape LED Lights

Contact us for a custom quote!

Give your community the opportunity to send ripples of color and 3D patterns across an immersive landscape of colorful LEDs.