The Fountain of Memory

The Fountain of MemoryThe Fountain of Memory is a large-scale 360-degree installation that celebrates light, water, audio, and amazing reactivity. The base of the structure consists of framing with semi-translucent panels between. Within the structure, full-color high-frame rate LED lighting slowly animates and give the base an unearthly glow.

Microphones record the ambience from the environment, and the audio is looped, warped, and played back remixed through a sound system in The Fountain of Memory’s base. Towering above the glowing structure will be bursts of illuminated water, throbbing and pulsing along with the familiar, yet inter-dimensional echoes emanating from the installation.

Our Fountain Benefactors

We have accepted grant funding to create The Fountain of Memory from the following:

Apogaea, Colorado Regional Burn | Great Lakes Experimental Arts, Inc. | The Awesome Foundation | The Paseo

We would also like to thank the following Kickstarter supporters:

The O’Briens, Emma, Lapa, Max Goldberg, Guthrey, Kitty Kitty Meow Meow, Chrissy Cat, Andrew Marcus,  Kira Woodmansee, The Dark Lord, Lindsey at Distilled Art & DesignClayton Grey @ Laboratory, Gold Dust CoutureEasy Care Sitters, The Kitchen Mistress, diane overbye, Diva, Melinda, Monica, Sam, and other anonymous supporters.

Thanks also to those who have donated audio to The Fountain of Memory:

Danger DanKira Woodmansee, Sakrivo, and other anonymous supporters.

Lakes of Fire 2015 – Rothbury, Michigan

The Paseo 2015 – Taos, New Mexico

After a devastating highway accident with our fountain trailer, we had to completely disassemble the installation in order to get it back to its home in Colorado. A new trailer was purchased, The Fountain was re-worked, and we installed it in beautiful, Taos, NM for a fantastic new public art festival called The Paseo.