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LED Programming + Design Specialists

Decibel Festival 2011

09.22.10 – 09.26.10 Eskmo, Kevin Saunderson, Carl Craig, Flying Lotus, Modeselektor… Decibel Festival Artist Lineup:

The Jelly Artcar

“The upside-down jellyfish” Thank you to everyone that helped us make it 6 solid years on the Playa! 2009-2014 ..bloop..

Boom Festival in Portugal

08.18.2010 – 08.26.2010 – Main Stage @ the worlds largest week-long electronic music festival. Original stage design by Andrew Jones and Harlan Emil Gruber. Alongside the best sound systems in the world by the legend himself Tony Andrews. Video projection content by Parkerism. Boom Festival 2010. Event Videos: Pre Tech Demo:

Emrg-n-See Festival

06.16.2010 – 06.19.2010 Main Stage at Emrg+N+See Festival 2010 Event Photos: Event Videos:

Horizons Festival

07.09.2010 – 07.11.2010

Sonic Bloom Festival 2010

SonicBloom Festival

Raindance Campout

06.04.2010 – 06.06.2010 Raindance presents…. Raindance 2010 First AudioPixel full setup, with Nexus Function One sound for the first time… A good review of the festival: Artist Lineup:

Boom 2010 Demo

Custom-built stage design using dynamic sound responsive LED programming. In collaboration with Andrew ‘Android’ Jones & Harlan Emil Gruber for the Boom Festival. Demo is running the actual LED Software, calculating in 3D the physical stage design. Shown in 2D is the front and top views.

“Half Cali”

100% Custom LED Software with Sound-Responsive programming. Soundtrack: SOTEG, ‘Half Cali’