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Dragomi Art Car Updates

We’ve updated the lighting system on the Dragomi with over 15,000 individually controllable and pixel-mapped LEDs! The origami dragon mutant vehicle has been busy at multiple festivals (Arise, Apogaea, Northern Nights, and i3Art Festival). Burning Man this year was extra special where we teamed up with Studio Drift, programmers of this years drone show. More…
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Dragomi Artcar

Origami Dragon Artcar featuring pixel-mapped LED lighting. More info at

Burning Man 2013: Nexus Stage

08.26.2013 – 09.02.2013 3rd stage with Nexus @ Burning Man – this time featuring a new collaboration with Spektrum and crew.

Burning Man 2013: Control Tower

08.26.2013 – 09.02.2013 Control Tower – AudioPixel is excited to be involved with the creation of Control Tower – 60′ of interactive illumination. The project is being led by IAM, the crew that brought Megatropolis to Burning Man in 2010, and created the Temple of Transition in 2011. Control Tower will be a 60′…
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Nexus Burning Man 2012

08.27.2012 – 09.03.2012 Running every night, for a full week at Burning man, thousands of people experienced this custom LED stage installation at the prestigious Nexus Funktion-One soundsystem stage.

Temple of Boom – Burning Man

08.29.11 – 09.05.11 AudioPixel collaborated with the Temple of Boom crew at Burning Man to bring a stage of epic proportions to the primetime corner of 10 and Esplanade. At nearly 50 feet tall, our setup consisted of 7 semi-transparent large panels forming the back wall of the center pillar and 2 pillars on each…
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BurningMan Decompression 2010

10/10/10 Custom built array for the wonderful crew that is the official Burning Man crew/stage at Decompression.

The Jelly Artcar

“The upside-down jellyfish” Thank you to everyone that helped us make it 6 solid years on the Playa! 2009-2014 ..bloop..