Lucidity Festival 2013

04.12.2013 – 04.15.2013

Main Stage Lighting for 3 Nights @ Lucidity Festival. One of a kind Custom LED Arrays arranged unique for this event, running AudioPixel software the entire time for all acts, as has always been the case with every festival show we’ve put on.
This time we were ready to Syphon in video feeds and let the VJ’s have input. Using a separate controller our software added lighting effects and interpreted the video inputs as mapped planes in various fashions across the 3D arrangement.





Lee Coombs Fantastic Hosts 2012



100% Original – Built and Programmed LED Array with Mac 101 LED Movers.
No Video Clips. No Madrix. No Lighting Consoles.
Check out the video in HD!

Nexus Burning Man 2012

08.27.2012 – 09.03.2012

Running every night, for a full week at Burning man, thousands of people experienced this custom LED stage installation at the prestigious Nexus Funktion-One soundsystem stage.

Nexus Burning Man 2012

Nexus Dome

Bass Invasion 3

09.16.2011 – 09.17.2011



Event Videos:

*Note* Video contains rough recorded live-audio