Temple of Boom – Burning Man

08.29.11 – 09.05.11

AudioPixel collaborated with the Temple of Boom crew at Burning Man to bring a stage of epic proportions to the primetime corner of 10 and Esplanade.

At nearly 50 feet tall, our setup consisted of 7 semi-transparent large panels forming the back wall of the center pillar and 2 pillars on each side. The 18 foot tall center cubic column was built using 3 layers of 3D nodes suspended from a custom lattice that extended 12 feet off the front of the temple. Additional wash lighting was used in conjunction with custom deco made by Spaceshaping.
Custom line arrays by JK sound.

Over 50 artists played on this stage over 6 days. Some highlights include Andy C, EOTO, Freq Nasty, MartyParty and Beats Antique.

Event Videos:

*Note* Videos contain rough recorded live-audio


Tipper Sound Experience, San Francisco


The Grand Regency Ballroomin San Francisco for The Tipper Sound Experience 2011 tour. The 2.0 OpenGL 3D programming and native particle engine driven by hyper audio-reactive sound/visual algorithms provided adequate visual stimulation to accompany Tipper’s super clean and intricate bass heavy dance-floor smashers. Featuring opening set by Vibesquad.

Event Photos:

Event Videos:

AudioPixel Editor LED Setup:

Tipper Sound Experience, Coconut Grove


The Tipper Sound Experience takes over the Coconut Grove ballroom in Santa Cruz for a night of mayham. The 4 quadraphonic Funktion One stacks sounded perfectly crisp and tremendously heavy inside the century old historic dome. This was the only stop of the tour where all Led hardware was set up as freestanding structures including the 4 complete cubes. A VIP balcony area gave the perfect vantage point to soak up the sold out show. Opening sets by Little John and Vibesquad.

Event Photos:

Event Videos:

Raindance Festival 2011

06.03.2011 – 06.05.2011

Main stage for the second year running for the wonderful Raindance Campout. Heading up the festival was the premier of the Tipper Sound Experience for which we had been preparing custom hardware and software patches with visual content for months.

The festivities were set among a beautiful grouping of cabins and lush forested campsites ringed by small streams and bridges. The sound of frogs belting out a cry for a mate amazingly stood out over the insane throb of the quadraphonic stacks. In the elegant words of Lost in Sound, “the mainstage featured a beautiful altar, Audiopixel’s lighting designs behind the artists and a Funktion 1 audio system ready to blow our faces off.”

Event Photos:

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